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Your only warning signal is that initial pain, which will be dampened by painkillers. So, there's basically no way you can follow this training plan and not get injured.

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Bad idea. I thought they banned ephedrine? That said, doctors are now saying that 81mg of Asprin a day is supposed to be good for you, so I'd guess that that amount probably wouldn't hurt you when taken with Ephedrine. The Asprin isn't for pain, according to Wikipedia: Aspirin inhibits prostaglandin production outside of the cells, which, in conjunction with caffeine, greatly prolongs the thermogenic effects and increased metabolism by sustaining elevated cAMP levels.

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So in other words it amplifies helps the ephedrine's metabolism boosting effects. I've only taken aspirin once, and it made my face all puffy very disturbing, let me tell you.

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Is it actually a very good pain medication? Ibuprophen dosn't do a whole lot for me, and I usually take 4 or 5 mg pills. I can't believe taking Aspirin would really cause you to not feel pain to the point of injury, but like I said I've never used it. As for the aspirin, I believe the dose you are supposed to take for the stack is not enough to cause ulcers. It's definitely a concern for me. To be clear, I intend to use this while on a fairly intense workout regime, along with a strict dietary plan.

While it may be good for your heart, it -is- an anti-coagulant and should be used with caution. My understanding that most of the ephedrine trainwrecks involved people taking many times the recommended dose of the stuff. Where does this understanding come from?

A physician? Reading primary medical literature in peer-reviewed journals?

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Or unverified claims by people trying to sell you the stuff or enthusiasts? Ephedrine and caffeine are both central nervous system stimulants. Combining the two has a synergistic effect. In other words, the two chemicals work together to produce a greater effect than either one would by itself. One other helpful ingredient I should mention is L-Tyrosine.

Adding somewhere between grams with each dose may help enhance the appetite suppression of the stack especially if taken in a fasted state. This dosage is taken times a day 3x max. The dosages are spread out over hours. I would not advise taking it too late after p. Keep in mind that you may do just fine while taking fewer milligrams than I have described. Example: A half dose milligrams of ephedrine and milligrams of caffeine taken times a day may give you plenty of appetite suppression and the before-mentioned energy boost. As I mentioned, ephedrine used to be very easy to get.

But it has gotten more expensive and more difficult to obtain—long gone are the days of grabbing a bottle or two a local convenience store. Primatene is one of the brand names I hear. Needless, to say, generic caffeine tablets and aspirin are available anywhere kind of ironic, considering how much more dangerous aspirin is. You may be wondering if you can just use coffee as a source of caffeine for the stack.

This is probably due to the precise dosage of caffeine you can get from a tablet. Of course not! All fat loss is ultimately based on a negative calorie balance. Please talk to your doctor before trying any kind of stimulant. Needless to say, those with heart problems, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, or those who are pregnant definitely need to stay away from the ECA stack unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

I would also advice you not to take the EC stack if you are outside all the time during summer months or in hot environments. Remember—this is a thermogenic supplement.

Most Effective Way to Take an ECA Stack

I would not advise you to take any form of ephedra if you are doing some kind of summer training camp, for example. Scheduled compounds, like clenbuterol or ephedrine, will also be discussed. The first thing to separate out is the type. Most of the research shows that the most potent green tea catechin is epigallocatechingallate, or EGCG, and lower doses of EGCG have been shown to increase fat burning than total green tea catechins 3; 4. In fact, the total EGCG content within an overall dose of green tea catechins is what you want to look out for. For example, one study comparing mg of EGCG used divided doses of mg throughout the day, and the increase in fat burning observed was only not significant 2.

There are two points to bear in mind from the above studies. The first is mentioning the training status of the subjects. Basically, the increases in fat burning noted in these studies could reflect an adaptation to aerobic training 4; 6. They got fitter, and better at burning fat. The other point to note is that studies often used decaff green tea extracts. Now why might this be important? Because it appears that the beneficial effects of EGCG are specifically related to its interactions with caffeine. While green tea naturally contains caffeine, it is nowhere near the doses seen with coffee or energy drinks.

For example, combining doses of mg, mg, mg, and 1,mg EGCG together with mg caffeine resulted in no effect on fat oxidation 8. You could go drowning yourself in green tea every day, to the tune of up to 8 cups, to get the desired dose: supplementing is likely an easier route. Caffeine is probably one of the most researched compounds around, and is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world — we really love coffee. Caffeine has repeatedly been shown in research to increase sympathetic nervous system activity, boost resting metabolic rate, increase adrenaline output, and increase fat mobilisation 1; However, note two things about those effects of caffeine.

First, they primarily relate to enhanced physical performance, particularly central nervous system drive and adrenaline output. Secondly, and more importantly, caffeine promotes fat mobilisation , but not necessarily oxidation. In fact, the distinct performance enhancing and fat mobilising effects of caffeine have never been concretely linked to increased fat burning For example, a study using doses of mg, mg or mg caffeine found an increase in metabolic rate and in fat breakdown, but measurements of energy expenditure in the subjects showed that the increase in energy burning came from equal oxidation of carbohydrate and fat One issue with caffeine in studies may be the timing of intake.

For example, in the latter two studies caffeine was given mins before testing 10; Another variable you may have noticed thus far is the use of a set VO 2 max in studies. Why could this be an issue?

Well, if a specific percentage of VO 2 max is used, it may not in fact be a uniform intensity for the intervention group due to differences in fitness levels — different subjects may have different thresholds for exercise intensity Using lactate threshold to define intensity may be more effective, as this is the threshold where aerobic energy systems relying in fat metabolism are operating at their max capacity, and beyond that we shift into anaerobic metabolism and carbohydrate oxidation Ultimately, caffeine is not the fat burner many think it is, and requires higher doses to achieve an effect: the issue is tolerance may negate performance benefits, and more is not better when it comes to caffeine and fat burning.

It appears that caffeine is best used at higher doses, and during submaximal aerobic intensities. There are also implications for tolerance, and increasing dosage does not overcome tolerance to caffeine. Yohimbine is similar to caffeine in that it is a plant alkaloid, occurring naturally in a particular species of tree.

Yohimbine is a compound that acts both directly and indirectly to influence fat oxidation. In its direct effects, yohimbine acts on receptors on fat cells that normally act to suppress fat oxidation and inactivates those receptors In doing so, it allows fat to continue to be oxidised without suppressing those mechanisms.

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It also has an indirect effect, similar to caffeine, through increasing adrenaline levels, and adrenaline itself stimulates fat mobilisation and oxidation Yohimbine is popular because the fat cells that it acts on both directly and indirectly through adrenaline are particularly concentrated in the thigh are in women and belly in men, i. However, a word of caution: yohimbine is highly, highly stimulatory.

Another issue is that there appears to be significant issues around labelling accuracy on supplements, and wide variability in the precise dose contained in a given product All in all, while effective, yohimbine simply comes with too much baggage. Bitter oranges contain a compound known as p -synephrine, which can increase metabolic rate in humans It is important to note at this point that bitter oranges are not your average tangerine or satsuma in the shop, and are a rare enough form of citrus fruit with historical use in traditional Chinese medicine One of the interesting things about p -synephrine is that it increases metabolic rate independent of variables like diet and exercise.

For example, one study using a single 50mg dose of p -synephrine found an increase resting metabolic rate by 65kcal over 75min post-ingestion In terms of underlying mechanisms, p -synephrine is in fact similar to ephedrine, only milder and legal.

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It increases adrenaline and dopamine system activity, thereby increasing fat breakdown and metabolic rate It is also synergistic with caffeine, and of interest to the strength and performance-oriented athletes amongst you, p -synephrine and caffeine have been shown to increase power output in the squat Studies using doses of mg p -synephrine have found increased energy expenditure, fat mobilisation and fat oxidation, with no adverse effects Indeed, the longest study in p -synephrine supplementation to date using 49mg doses for days found no adverse effects across cardiovascular, liver, kidney and blood analyses The human research is thus far overall positive.

One trial supplementing With a wide safety margin, p-synephrine is generally considered safe and effective at the doses commonly used Forskolin at this point remains a very intriguing research compound, but hard to say much more. For the physique-enthusiasts amongst us, we should cross our collective fingers in the hopes of further research into this promising supplement. Mechanistically, high levels of forskolin can increase the breakdown of fat from storage, however, the doses used to show this effect have not been replicated in humans The human research is relatively limited to date.

How Long to Take Ephedrine Caffeine Stack – Q&A

First, overweight and obese persons have lower levels of cAMP, and thus the effects of forskolin supplementation may be more pronounced in these populations Secondly, the effects of increased testosterone may underscore the fat burning effect, as distinct from any direct fat burning effect of forskolin itself, an observation somewhat supported by the difference in the study in women [no significant effect] compared to the study in men [significant effect].

Fascinating compound. More research needed. And it may have caution in diabetics, for reasons explained below.