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Bride by Mistake. Eight years ago, Lieutenant Luke Ripton made a hasty wartime marriage to protect a young Eight years ago, Lieutenant Luke Ripton made a hasty wartime marriage to protect a young girl from a forced union. Now, unable to obtain an annulment, Luke has no choice but to collect Isabella, the fiercely independent wife he never The Daughter of an Earl. His Captive Lady. The Grand Master must prevent the forces of evil from getting it. It has been a full year since Agarashi hordes came out of the Chasm of Gorgoron to attack Dessi.

Elkamo is tasked to protect a bridge on the Colo river but when a party of scouts doesn't come back from a patrol to the village of Cano, he knows something bad is about to happen. While his allies engage Emolyria's armies to distract them, the Grand Master attempts to rescue him, but discovers the evil denizens of Emolyria are ready to unleash the true legacy of the Darklords, fiery, hungry, and fed by the endless pain of the Restless Dead.

It seems like a routine inspection mission at first, but it soon turns into a fight for survival.

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However, she's captured during her return journey and ends up in the city of Ragadorn, destined to be sold as a slave. If she wants to avoid her bleak fate, she now has to escape her captors and find a way to flee the town. Eclipse of the Kai : Describes events that happened before Flight from the Dark. The Claws of Helgedad : Lone Wolf is taken captive and held in the Darklands as a pawn in a political struggle.

Joe Dever highly disapproved of this, so later prints of the book omit it. The Birthplace : A novelization of the first half of Shadow on the Sand. The Tellings : A collection of short stories. The Skull of Agarash : A graphic novel. Khadro and his band of pirates have acquired an artifact called the Skull of Agarash and use its power to wreak havoc.

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Lone Wolf pursues them when they kidnap his friend Lord Rimoah during one of their raids. Tropes A to B.

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  • Aborted Arc : Voyage of the Moonstone has the player learning Grey Star's recently gone missing, hinting at a future adventure to save him. In The Storms of Chai he's mentioned several times in the events that took place between that and the previous book with no mention of going missing, and off-screen became one of Lone Wolf's major allies.

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    This sewer is vast enough to house giant lizards and other nasty monsters, and criminals can be condemned to be locked within. Unlike some other fantasy examples, however, it is described as extremely filthy, smelly and insalubrious — just getting an open wound in contact with the water can give you a horrible disease. Arc Welding : Many of the monsters fought throughout the series are revealed to be Agarashi. A statue of him provides lot of cover.

    Adventure-Friendly World : Magnamund is constantly being attacked by the forces of Naar, necessitating the Kai Order running about essentially putting out fires.

    When the Kai Order is down to one person, Lone Wolf has to do this all by himself Agony Beam : Psychic attacks — including those used by the hero, like Mindblast and Psi-surge — are explicitly causing pain any time their effects are described in detail. Kai Lords mostly use them in combat to weaken, disarm or hurt enemies. Villains like the Darklords, of course, have no such qualms and are known to unleash such powers on minions who've disappointed them.

    Alien Non-Interference Clause : The Shianti are forbidden from interfering in human affairs, even though Wytch-King Shasarak, one of their number, is doing just that. Of course, when a human baby accidentally lands on their island, there Ain't No Rule about teaching him to use magic and "allowing" him to go into the world to deal with the threat.

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    Allergic to Evil : Evil has pretty bad effects on anyone who isn't a supernatural embodiment of it such as the Darklords, and Lone Wolf himself is particularly sensitive to it. The Doomstones for example are the Kryptonite to his Superman the only reason Lone Wolf's able to get close enough to finish off the Big Bad of book 15 is the Doomstone he's using is weakened from overuse at the time; earlier in the same book just being close to it knocks Lone Wolf out.

    When facing extremely powerful and evil entities like Deathlord Ixiataaga , he needs the strongest psychic defense available just to survive this evil presence. Probably the greatest example would be in The Plague Lords of Ruel where Lone Wolf, upon looking at the library of evil tomes the villain has, gets so outraged, he takes 2 points of damage.

    It's not the tomes being so full of evil magic that they harm Lone Wolf the way so many Artifact of Doom do so through the series, no. It's literally Lone Wolf getting so angry and outraged by what he's seeing it might actually kill him if he's got low enough endurance! That's right, your own emotions can kill you!

    81 lone warrior stock images are available royalty-free.

    You scan the walls of this reading room and as your eye passes over the books and scrolls stored upon its shelves, you feel an almost uncontrollable urge to tear every one of them to pieces. The wickedness they contain, gleaned after thousands of years of perpetrating the vilest herbcraft known to Magnamund, is so potent that you feel your Kai strength waning in their presence lose 2 ENDURANCE points. He surfaces, sword in hand, but is pulled under again and this time he does not reappear. A trail of bubbles and a patch of red water drifting with the current are all there is to mark the grave of Sebb Jarel.

    Captain: [gleefully] Ha! I've always said the Deldenians have no head for a fight! Tropes C to E. Grey Star also use Willpower for Magic Points. Canon Discontinuity : One of the novelizations all largely written by John Grant with input from Dever has an epilogue which is placed at a Distant Finale where a character drives a car and has a digital watch.

    The Lone Ranger

    Any and all suggestions of a technological future for Magnamund were not written by Joe Dever, and have been purged as heresy. Not to say that advanced technology and Magitek don't exist, they just will never get widespread on Magnamund. Canon Immigrant : Alyss, the mischievous demigoddess , originated in the Legends of Lone Wolf novels penned by John Grant, but shows up in the proper adventure starting Book References are made to the Giak-spawning vats used to spawn Giaks as cannon fodder The other Giaks that handle and cook the meat in the kitchens don't seem to mind handling the flesh of their own kind.

    It is never stated if the Giaks also eat it , but it's quite likely. This makes it not terribly useful in a fight unless the enemy is immune to the ordinary Mindblast. Lone Wolf using his healing powers on someone else can also cost him Endurance if the wounds are extensive. Some spells work by burning Endurance in the adventure where you play Banedon, and sometimes too in the Grand Master books, with Kai-alchemy and Magi-magic.

    Celibate Hero : Lone Wolf doesn't appear to have a canonical love interest in the main books possibly owing to the monk-like lifestyle Kai Lords have , though Legends of Lone Wolf gives him a couple of female companions. Averted by Grey Star, who marries Tanith in the epilogue of War of the Wizards , with an attraction being implied as early as their first meeting. Grey Star has to make an uncomfortable deal with him; Lone Wolf's encounter is a much more straightforward Boss Battle. Charles Atlas Superpower : The Kai Disciplines are largely the development of exceptional capabilities that are within the reach of humans, along with limited psychic abilities which can be developed by non-Kai humans in this 'verse, such as a Vassagonian captain in Book 4.

    The Magnakai Disciplines take this further, developing these foundational skills to the point that they allow the Kai Master to do the impossible; a Kai Lord trained in Hunting learns to sharpen their senses, while an experienced Master trained in Huntmastery can see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectra. In theory, most of the Grand Master disciplines do the same, but some are entirely new magical powers, and others tend to be increasingly divorced from the mundane skills that they started in.

    Chekhov's Gun : As a staple of Gamebooks, any item found by the protagonist even seemingly useless trinkets can prove surprisingly useful later in the book — or sometimes, one or two books further in the series. However, there are also plenty of random items that serve no purpose but to take up space in the backpack, and thus you must choose wisely what you keep. Also, it is quite possible to miss the specific path were any item happens to be used.

    For the evil side, the Orb of Death that Zakhan Kimah demands in exchange for his allegiance to the Darklords, and receives in Shadow on the Sand. A savvy enough player could guess it'd show up again, since major villains are rarely left unpunished in the series; sure enough, Zakhan Kimah, armed with the artifact, is the Final Boss of The Cauldron of Fear.

    That Kazim stone Grey Star gets tortured with in Book 1 of his series? Those things become much more significant in Book 4. Child Soldiers : The Ice Barbarians of Kalte, when moving on skis over the icy wastes of their territory, each carry a child in their backpack who use a small bow and arrows against their enemies while the father focus on the pursuit. As Lone Wolf's Red Shirt guides can attest, this is a rather deadly combination. The first New Order Kai Masters attained their rank at nine years old. All of the Kai Masters are mustered to fight dragon-like beasts in defense of the Monastery.

    The Chosen One : Lone Wolf himself. Chronic Backstabbing Disorder : The Darklords, full stop. Although it's only implied in the gamebooks, the novelization expands on it.