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Like so many cozy authors, Kruger can't figure out how to get the police out of the way of her private investigator, and so starts bending reality and disbelief in a few directions that they just can't bend.

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There is little reason for Ari to meddle aside from the fact that it's her series and one of the local cops is sweet on her from the first book. He spends too much time looking at her as a shining beacon and possible date and too little acting in a professional manner, urging the other local and state police to rely on her to an unusual degree.

Worse, they all go along with it, allowing her to upstage the actual investigation with a "gather all the suspects in a room and monologue" j'accuse scene that even the characters call a "Perry Mason" maneuver.

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I could understand the police wanting to talk to Ari, as she was the last witness to see Felicia. I could understand them relying on her experience with knitting supplies to answer their questions about the murder weapon an old-fashioned aluminum 5.

I'm a bit surprised that those haven't been used as murder weapons more often, personally! But I just couldn't tolerate a whole platoon of police deferring to Ari and her TV tactics simply because she was the heroine.

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That bugged me more than the improbable solution to the puzzle. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart.

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Knit Fast, Die Young: A Knitting Mystery

Ariadne Evans swore her sleuthing days were over after her very own knitting shop became a crime scene a few months back. But she hadn't anticipated that the Freeport Wool and Yarn Festival would become the site of another murder -- with hers truly as a prime suspect. Since Ari was the one to find the body of Felicia Barr -- the much detested and influential owner of Knit It Up magazine -- with a knitting needle stuck in her back, the cops are needling Ari for answers. In a stitch, Ari dons her hand-knit detective cap and helps her on-and-off boyfriend, Detective Josh Pierce, untangle the day's events and solve a very woolly crime -- before the killer strikes again Show More Show Less.

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