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And the splashing of the swimmer, in the days gone by. The music of the laughing lip, the luster of the eye;. The simple, soul-reposing, glad belief in everything,—.

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When life was like a story, holding neither sob nor sigh,. In the golden olden glory of the days gone by. More Poems by James Whitcomb Riley. A Barefoot Boy. The Bumblebee.

DAYS GONE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (PS4 Pro)

The Old Swimmin' Hole. Our Hired Girl.

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  • Days Gone has some epic blockbuster moments, but they're far too fleeting to stand out from the hordes of zombie games already available. Fighting and fleeing hundreds — and I mean hundreds — of zombies at once is an unrivalled heart-stopping spectacle, as the monsters clamber over one another, pouring through windows and smashing through doors to engulf you like an unstoppable tsunami of decaying flesh. Impossible it may seem, but killing an entire horde in one action-packed sitting is actually very much possible.

    Related: Best PS4 Games. Days Gone sees you take control of Deacon St. John, a jaded biker and former military man who takes on the role of a bounty hunter in post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest USA.

    Days Gone Review - Farewell, Oregon

    He only descends from his mountain hideout to do the odd job for the various camp settlements scattered throughout the region. These jobs make up the missions of Days Gone, as you rescue kidnapped civilians, destroy nearby Freaker nests, and murder those who have double-crossed camp leaders. Such quests are fun at first, but soon become tediously repetitive with infrequent difficulty spikes and curveballs to keep you on edge. But while Days Gone clearly attempts to make a name for itself as a survival horror, I almost always had sufficient camp credits to fill my pockets with enough pistol ammunition and shotgun bolts to get by without issue — at least on normal difficulty.

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    For the first half of Days Gone, these missions offer little narrative progression. This means the early stages of the game offer very little incentive to progress the story, making each objective feel more like a chore than an exciting prelude.

    With lengthy loading screens sandwiching such cinematics, they become disruptive and frustrating quickly. Deacon is a boring and unlikable protagonist, too. Jarring flashbacks attempt to make you sympathise with his suffering, but they fail to justify some of his downright dastardly actions. Related: Upcoming PS4 Games. While story missions are often painfully predictable and rarely deviate from the established formula, there are plenty of surprises hiding throughout the large open-world map. My own random encounters range from being thrown off the motorbike by a tripwire and ambushed by marauders, to being captured by a rival camp and temporarily stripped of all my possessions.

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    Such conflicts forced me to think more intuitively rather than mindlessly blasting foes with an assault rifle. There are no collectibles or hidden special items that can boost your odds of survival, and while looting supplies from abandoned houses comes in handy for crafting molotovs, bandages and melee weapons, you never really have to look hard for such resources. In fact, the mini-map is more cluttered than those found in a Ubisoft game, so you never feel the isolation upon which survival horrors thrive. Related: PS5 vs Xbox Two. A day and night cycle is used effectively; the Freakers will be much more active and dangerous after dusk, and will look to hibernate in caves, shacks and train carriages once the sun rises.

    The weather also plays a big part, as rain and snow can make it more slippery when riding your motorbike.