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Reflektor 5th October The Copper Rooms. Reflektor 16th November The Copper Rooms. Comedy Society Presents Postgraduate Pub Quiz 1st October.

Quackstar Karaoke 2nd October. Cleverducks Quiz 3rd October. Postgraduate Pub Quiz 8th October. Quackstar Karaoke 9th October. Cleverducks Quiz 10th October. Morgan careers event 14th October SU Atrium. Postgraduate Pub Quiz 15th October. Quackstar Karaoke 16th October.

Cleverducks Quiz 17th October. Postgraduate Pub Quiz 22nd October. Quackstar Karaoke 23rd October. Cleverducks Quiz 24th October. Postgraduate Pub Quiz 29th October. Quackstar Karaoke 30th October. PG Halloween 31st October. The truth of the matter is, everyone else is just as scared as you are meaning your new housemates are a little bit like spiders, or snakes….

Move past it, get down to the Freshers Fair, grab some nachos at. Falmer Bar, and awkwardly avoid eye contact with the people you knew in primary school who have somehow ended up at the same university as you. Play your cards close to your chest. Some people will wake up at antisocial hours on a Saturday morning to do proactive things like studying or exercise, and have the cheek to walk loudly down the stairs on their way out of the house.

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Student mental health is something to be aware of, because your university years are a time in your life when never before experienced pressures can begin to surface. Tests taken at Newcastle University showed that students are significantly more stressed than the general population. Any student will know how obvious an observation this is. However, accepting how common student mental health problems are is encouraging universities to create more support services on campus, and these services are readily available to you and your housemates.

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The biggest job, however, lies with you: the housemate, and more often than not, the friend. Keep in check of your house. University blues can come about at any time and affect even the chirpiest of students. But mostly, life as a first year student is as good as it gets. Dehydration Alcohol contains ethanol, which blocks the production of vasopressin. Hell breaks loose without vasopressin; the kidneys send water straight to the bladder instead of circulating around the body for reabsorption.

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Hiral Gandhi Alcohology is the study of alcohol, therefore making me an alcohologist well, something like that for today! That syndrome where you invaluably bond with your buddies,. Men love to brag about how much Vaginatin they can get their hands on. Many a fresher would have dreamt about the Vaginatin on offer at Uni.

In reality, there never seems enough to go around.

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This year, the Life Science Society. Immune Response Cytokines are messenger cells of the immune system; when something naughty gets detected, the cytokines make a fuss in the form of flu-like symptoms to call for an immune response.

Sleep Deprivation When you drink alcohol, production of glutamine, a stimulatory neurotransmitter is inhibited. When the alcohol is gone, the body over produces glutamine to make up for. Some scientists wired up some drunken people and found that they have less REM sleep. Basically your hangover is you being cranky from not enough shut-eye. All of that junk! Ethanol, methanol, tannins and even arsenic have found their way into alcohol especially cheap stuff.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that blocks synapses thus making you sleepy, relaxed and wobbly… then you sober up. Because the nervous system adapts to the sedative effects of alcohol, once the A-juice is out of the system the nervous system suddenly. Technically this means that alcohol withdrawal is bad for you. But here are a few quick and sometimes peculiar tips to keep you spritely!

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Grow a beard. Gentlemen, this may not give all of you instant attractiveness, but a beard or moustache may improve your overall health. Beards can also attract many bits of debris. Apart from being a bit unclean, if you have hay fever or asthma this may be a benefit as it can trap pollen and dust, reducing the amount enter-.

Despite what your mum says, studies by Kingston University have found that airing out your bed will remove moisture from the sheets, dehydrating the small bugs that might happen to live there. Which leads on to the next point… Open your windows once in a while! Ventilating your bedroom could not only make it less humid and comfy for bugs, but also helps to reduce the likelihood of mould, a common cause of health issues. Mould can result in respiratory and fungal infections and it can irritate asthmatics. Get some sleep… from fear of being caught on Spotted: Nights Out in Brighton, going out every night is not an option.

So get some shut eye! Recent research published in Neuron discovered that in sleeping Zebrafish, some areas of synaptic activity are decreased during sleep.

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This allows. Stock up on tissues, cough syrup and a good antibacterial lozenge. Get all your vaccines! Register with the doctor on campus, and make sure you get your vaccines up to date at the health centre. The festivities launch. Perched above the bustling Kensington Gardens home to The White Rabbit and the fantastic Caramella sweet shop , Kensington Cafe is cheap and cheerful in the best sense of the terms.

The Prince George is well-recognised for its efforts in the domain of veggie pub food, proudly displaying awards from PETA et al on their walls. Their menu is exactly what you want pub food to be: hearty, warm and filling. Expect falafel burgers with jenga chips and huge burritos with potato wedges instead of the more traditional sausage and mash, though. Not to mention, they make the best hummus in Brighton! Something of a Brighton institution, Idyea is situated in the aforementioned Kensington Gardens with a.

With everything from granola and yoghurt to poached eggs with spinach and feta to avocado on toast, breakfast here is wonderful. It does get busy though, and make sure to turn up early to secure one of the highly fought-over seats out at the front - or even just one inside. Despite a slightly off-putting location and a luminously pink frontage, Planet India serves up the best Indian food in Brighton. Purely veggie sorry again, carnivores , this restaurant gives huge portions alongside a well-chosen list of lagers and ales.

Reading the menu itself is one of the best parts of the visit. Written by the owner himself, the humorous comments are a great start to the evening. A few tips: the rice portions are gigantic, and if you only eat one thing, make it the Dhai Bel Puri. I have grouped these two together because they are both famous and highly-regarded gourmet vegetarian restaurants who serve unusual dishes at hideously expensive prices. For vegetarians, the two represent a rare opportunity to enjoy veggie food that is of an amazingly high culinary.

I was lucky enough to eat at both on various birthday outings, and would recommend you do the same! Get your parents or someone who is feeling generous to take you and enjoy one of the best meals you will ever eat in Brighton, or perhaps the world. The pulled pork and brisket burgers are Texan classics that have been perfected by Chef John Critchely. It is also a student-friendly pub that shows a good selection of sport.

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Although the food in this tiny Japanese restaurant is by no means gourmet and the restaurant itself is far from fancy, it is delicious, cheap and filling - student heaven! There are not many tables available, so on busier afternoons or evenings you may have to queue, but the call of cheap and delicious food on offer is worth a 10 minute wait!

Their bruschetta is probably one of the best things I have ever eaten, and is loaded with garlic and slathered in olive oil. They also offer decent sized pizza and pasta, and although the restaurant itself is nothing to write home about and the service is sometimes hair-pullingly slow, this is one of the best places to get good value food on a student budget. With pieces as chic and on trend as this, I feel like heatherthevintagequeen msn. I hold a silent vigil for all my sisters who lose their entire student loan to American Apparel every month or so.

One of the most recent exhibitions presented the kitsch, quirky and provocative works of Jeff Koons.