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The classes work together at both Christmas and Pentecost to prepare liturgical plays to share with the entire congregation.

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Messiah has an Adult Bible Study, an informal group that meets in the family room for one hour before the Sunday service -- at in the summer, and the rest of the year. We read and discuss the Revised Common Lectionary readings for each Sunday, learning background about each passage, and then sharing how it impacts our lives today. It's never boring! No advanced reading is necessary. Everyone is welcome!

On the second Sunday of each month during the program year, we invite a speaker to address the congregation on matters of interest that are important to our Christian witness and mission. Presenters have included people from our own faith community as well as diocesan staff members, representatives from neighborhood organizations, and experts in biblical or theological studies.

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Bible Study is not held on this day so everyone can participate in the forum, which is held in the lower hall beginning at 9. The forum is not held during July and August. Advent and Lent Programs.

The switch to Thursday is necessary because of the Vestry meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. We will meet in the lower hall, except on March 19, when we will meet in the Family Room. We will end our time with the service of Compline.

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If you would like to take part in these discussions as part of your Lenten discipline, please let the parish office know by phone or email. Materials for each session will be supplied in advance.

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P and is charged with bringing in the serial killer dubbed Citizen Pain by the media. Ernest Huston is the detective charged with bringing in the Family Man. Their investigations collide and as they begin to look deeper the reader finds that not only are the killers they hunt connected but the police officers are being pulled into a far reaching conspiracy.

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Poetry is a major theme within the book. Both Job and Jeremiah Citizen Pain and Family Man respectively either quote or write it in the story and directly mention that it was important in their upbringing.

The story focuses on Lt. Cheri Major as she tracks down a new masked vigilante, named Scalpel, while battling her own inner demons.

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The fetish scene is featured prominently throughout the work just as poetry was in the first. The events of "Lamenting Pain" begin one month after Book of Job. Both Cheri and Huston have been suspended and are under investigation due to the events of the previous story. Cheri is undergoing mandatory psychological counseling and Huston has not left his apartment in three weeks.

Cheri is asked to take her badge back in order to find out about Scalpel who leaves her name carved on the bodies of her victims. More of Cheri's backstory is revealed and both officers once again face the conspiracy introduced in the first story-arc. Originally published as Violent Messiahs issues 9—12, this collection features the complete second story arc, the rare Wizard Exclusive Prequel, a sketchbook of designs, and a brand new nine-page Citizen Pain story. In season two episode thirteen of the TV show , Ivy reads an issue of Violent Messiahs during the scene where Naomi comes along to give her her present.

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The Intertestamental Period

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