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Wanderer - Extinction. Whill of Agora Bundle Books Michael James Ploof. At very small accelerations, such as those prevailing in galaxies, gravity becomes considerably stronger. Therefore, galaxies do not tear apart due to their rotational speed and the MOND theory can dispense with the mysterious star putty. The new study opens up the possibility for astronomers to test these two hypotheses in an unprecedented regime.

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Contact Electronic Directory Locations. Search Site. Advanced Search…. Navigation A galactic test will clarify the existence of dark matter. Search press releases Back to overview. News Press releases Archive Calendar. Pressrelease images By clicking on the thumbnail, you get a larger preview. Clicking it will open the high resolution version of the image, you can save it via a right click. The impression in connection with the service is free, while the image specified author is mentioned.

This picture shows the distribution of dark matter above and stars below. Garaldi, C. We live in a flat, spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way. Other galaxies, called ellipticals, are shaped like rugby balls. It has an older yellow core, surrounded by an outer ring of young blue stars.

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But in the middle: nothing. It was spotted in by American astronomer Arthur Hoag, and perhaps the most feasible explanation offered so far is that, two to three billion years ago, a small galaxy sped through the larger disc-shaped galaxy, creating this unusual structure. Our magnetic field is not perfectly aligned to the rotation axis of the Earth, which means these Van Allen belts are tilted. When the International Space Station passes through this area, computers can stop working, and astronauts experience cosmic flashes — probably due to the radiation stimulating their retinas.

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The nine most mysterious objects in the Universe 'Oumuamua, the bizarre object hurtling through our Solar System, joined a select group of cosmic enigmas that have astronomers scratching their heads…. Could this cucumber-shaped object be an alien spacecraft from another galaxy? Could our Solar System be hiding an enormous ninth planet, out beyond the orbit of Neptune? Is it an asteroid? Is it a comet? Read more: What is the largest object in the Universe? What is the smallest known star in the Universe?

Fast radio bursts emit cast amounts of energy… but why?

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