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It was the prospect of going to a school where there were girls who looked like me, had hair like me and came from backgrounds like mine.

I had my click, there were Nigerians, Jamaicans, St. Lucians and Ghanaians.

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Finally I fitted in. This was a moment in my life where I accepted my Jamaican heritage with pride.

I enjoyed arranging cultural days to be able to bring in traditional food jerk chicken, plantain chips, rice and peas , painting a Jamaica flag on my backpack and singing along to Sean Paul with friends. I became a proud Jamaican. In , myself and my family took our first trip to Jamaica together, the very first time myself and two of my brothers were visiting Jamaica. It was then that I fell even deeper in love with my country.

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I had my first holiday romance as the sweet-talking Patois and funny pick-up lines melted me like butter. Seeing how far they had come in making a better life for themselves yet still clinging on to their cultural heritage allowing us to feel Jamaican in a land so different to what they left. This pride led me to want to work at the Jamaican Embassy in London because being around Jamaican people bought me a feeling like no other.

And then constructing my undergraduate dissertation around the unsung heroes of World War II that came from the Caribbean yet were never recognised for their unwavering efforts.

I wanted to feel more Jamaican, I felt this duty to use the platforms and opportunities that were given to me through my grandparents decision to take the Empire Windrush from Jamaica to Britain in the s. I wanted to help poor Aunt Shelly from rural country who barely had enough to get by.

‘Call me a yardie…’ - Discovering my Jamaican Heritage — Bankra

I wanted to do more, and I wanted to have a lasting impact. The desire to inform policies, immerse myself in projects, become politically aware, and give back in a sense to an institution that would have probably served my parents had they not moved.

Being spoken to in pure Patois and understanding it, eating my jerk pork out of tin foil straight from the barrel barbeque on the road side, having the chance to meet descendants of Walter Rodney, ministers in the Jamaican Parliament and national hero Usain Bolt. This is what I lived for, a sense of, this is my place, and these are my people, no questions.

'A white family raised me - I learned to love being black'

This is what I dreamed of, this to me feels like home. When I look at the contributions I have been able to make so far, I realise the magnitude of the contributions that my parents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles have made in the UK. At the time, patients at the asylum were kept in brutal conditions - forced to wear strait jackets and live in cells. After learning her story, Marvin said: "This place is almost the same as a prison, it's like they were criminals because of an illness they had. Her cause of death was listed as acute encephalitis, a brain tissue disease which is believed to have been brought on by the stress of her husband's affair.

Jamaica Family trip

Marvin had no idea about Mabel's tragic past - and thinks his ancestors may have been too ashamed to speak about it. Sign in. All Football. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.