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While playing by the river near her home, she sees two tiny blue, kilted men who warn her of a "green heid" in the water. Suddenly a vile green monster, Jenny Greenteeth , appears in the water. Using her brother Wentworth as bait, Tiffany ambushes the beast and cracks it with a frying pan, while Wentworth is completely unfazed, as he is unable to see either the little men or the monster.

She goes into town to visit a travelling teacher and comes upon Miss Tick, a witch who has been watching her. Tiffany is told that these little men are the Nac Mac Feegles, who are rough and rowdy fae folk who speak with Glaswegian accents. Miss Tick informs her that she is likely the witch of the wold she resides in, and gives her the toad familiar she carries as a guide before tricking Tiffany out of the tent and disappearing. Tiffany returns home to discover that the Nac Mac Feegles are not only incredibly fast and strong, but afraid of her, as she catches them stealing eggs from under a chicken and a sheep right out of the field.

When Wentworth is kidnapped by the Queen of the Fairies, Tiffany seeks out the help of the Nac Mac Feegles to rescue him, as they are the most powerful otherworldly things she knows and they're more than willing to submit to her will, terrified by one who is not only a witch but one who can read and write.

Rob Anybody, and a group of other Feegles including Big Yan and Daft Wullie take her back to their home where she meets the buzzard-aviator Hamish, the bard-Feegle William, and their clan leader the Kelda. Tiffany is told that her brother has been taken by the Queen to her domain in Fairyland, and not only must she take the Feegles to go rescue him, but she must also take up the reins as Kelda, as the current one is about to die.

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After worming her way out of marrying Rob Anybody, Tiffany goes out of the mound to the field where the Feegles test her First Sight and Second Thoughts by letting her find the entrance to the queen's domain. Once in, Tiffany and the Feegles face several large wolves who the Feegles handily clobber, and several dream-causing blob-people called dromes. Going through drome-caused dreams, she finds Roland, the son of the Baron of her homeland. Tiffany and Roland go through several dreams and the normal dreamscape to eventually find a dream with both Wentworth and the Queen in it.

Tiffany narrowly escapes defeat at the hands of the Queen's dream-minions by having Roland release the Feegles from their trapping in a large walnut, and they escape from that dream into one of Tiffany's imagining. Once in that dream, the Feegles and Wentworth are presumed to have perished at the hands of the Queen's trickery, and Tiffany escapes with Roland's unconscious body out back into the dreamscape, heading for the exit, full of regret that she couldn't save her friends.

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The Queen mocks her inability to save them and her insecurities, but Tiffany reconnects with her homeland's heritage to gain the strength to defeat the Queen at her own game of dreams in the darkest hour. Soooooo disappointed. What happened?? For one, the characters basic personalities were totally butchered. She was utterly disgusted by him, she would not have chosen him.

He had already lost tremendous status over his youthful indiscretion- no way would he have repeated it.

The entire story was like it was written by someone else, not Jean Auel, and that the person who wrote it only had a passing understanding of the characters she was writing about. It was a disgraceful ending to what was otherwise an epic series. In any case, you are right that none of the behavior is within character. For example, at one point she tells someone that she found wolf when a wolf was raiding HER traps. And yet she goes on about how they were her traps. In another spot, the book talks about how Wolf attacked Palidar in Shelters. That never happened. Wolf bared his fangs at Palidar, he never attacked him.

But she goes on about how the cave had been so surprised because Wolf had never attacked someone before and how Ayla had to pull him off. It truly felt like some ghost writer who had never really read the books wrote this one. My thoughts exactly. I had the book on reserve for a year and almost wretched with fear and apprehension! Ayla, by character, should, well in reality was, the true goddess Mother Earth.

And yhe courage to stand up for what she believed in. I found Zolena, the Fiirst, yo be slyly manipulative, shrewd, and probably jealous.

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Yes I totally agree with. It was not them at all. Not their personalities. Def someone else wrote this.. No way Ayla and Jondala would of behaved this way. Plains of passage was the last novel for me. These other two so incredibly disappointing and just not right. Not the characters. And the rest was fluff, repetition and poems.

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Why bother to write again. You had loyal fans. Thanks for the review and all the comments! I just finished struggling through Plains of Passage, and I was debating on starting Shelters of Stone. This review totally nailed it. True that. These Auel books have already taken up several months of my life though. Maybe I should just cut my losses and imagine that none of this ever happened. I was so thrilled when the final book came out, and the final book just ruined it for me. My primary dissatisfactions are: Ayla would not have neglected Jondalar or Jonayla.

Jondalar would not have chosen Marona again. No way. Ayla would never have chosen Laramar. There was no closure on the Clan.

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What on earth happened to Brukeval? Nothing in the final book about what happened with Joplaya and Echozar- did she live through the birth? The whole book just makes me so mad.

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Heh, at least with lowered expectations you can maybe read it for the…. And then come and complain about it with the rest of us. Group comfort. Plowed my way through this ponderous piece of dreck.

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It became obvious to me that Ms. Which is a shame, because there were a lot of potential ideas — that went nowhere. To tell the truth, I would have been quite interested in a lavishly illustrated nonfiction book about the Prehistoric Caves of southern France as visited and recounted by Jean M. Auel, author of Clan of the Cave Bear. I love the idea of a nonfiction companion book to the series, though.

That would have been brilliant. I agree, the last two books appear to have been, at the very least, co-written with another author. I think the children supplied the character development and Jean supplied the info on the environment as the characters in the first 4 books were as flat as the pages they were written on, in my opinion. Lack of good direction and coordination just kills the plot in the last two books.

Auel is great at telling the story of the land and times, it just the people and a cohesive, thrilling story she has a problem with. Characters seem to have lost their essence. Auel broke my heart w that cheating scandle Thanks Ed Herman for making Ayla magical again. I was truly looking forward to this last book. Bought it last week, read it, and was epically disappointed! I agree totally with this review.

What a terribly awful way to end this series! Should have stopped at the Mammoth book. Thank you for writing this review with all the spoilers. Yuck, I hated this last book, thank you for slogging through it and summarizing it! Here is a pretty darn good Book 7 from a fanfic author — this is called The Sacred Mountain and DOES tie up loose ends that Auel never managed to, after teasing us for 30 years!!

My main complaint is that Auel ended her relationship with Ayla when Ayla was 26 — Andy ends his book with Ayla at age 36 — surely there is more to tell about this incredible woman!! Wow thank you for reading the last book…I was going to read it but then he cheats on her… I mean what the fuck and she goes suicidal after having a miscarriage and she fucks that gross guy I mean come!!!!!!!!!!